If your car breaks down, you can get help within sixty minutes. If your mind breaks down, it can take two years. This is the stark reality for people in Ireland who suffer from psychosis. Research has shown that this is an unfortunate reality both here in Ireland and elsewhere in the world. DELTA is a project established by the St. John of God Order to tackle this long delay in getting help for people who have psychosis. It is the first project of this kind in Ireland.

DELTA stands for Detection, Education and Local Team Assessment. It aims to reduce the length of time that young people in particular go without treatment by providing education and information. Education activities include leaflets, talks, workshops, media appearances, and articles both in scientific journals and newspapers/magazines and of course in the modern world, the World Wide Web. This kind of work has been carried out elsewhere in the world leading to a reduction in this delay, so why not here?

As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine! If a GP within our catchment area (Cluain Mhuire Service) is concerned that a patient of theirs is experiencing psychosis or the early warning signs of psychosis they can refer to Cluain Mhuire or St. John of God Hospital and the DELTA Team will make contact with that person within 48 hours. The assessment process commences at this point and is a continual process, the DELTA team work hand in hand with the treating teams of these services, the individual and their family.

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