What can friends and family do?

In the early stages of psychosis there may be some noticeable signs that family members or friends become concerned about. A person who is experiencing their first episode of psychosis may not understand that they are unwell or may not recognise that they have mental health difficulties. In many cases the person will resist help from others and in this situation; family members may find it difficult to know what to do.

How To Get Help?

Taking the first step is often the most difficult as you become aware that something is not quite right about the way a loved one is behaving. If you suspect that someone may be suffering from mental health problems and you feel they need to get checked out you should attempt to approach that person identifying your concerns. Having an assessment will help to determine whether the problems that have been occurring are regular ups and downs or if they are mental health problems that need specialist help.

In some cases, seeking out professional help is necessary but the first point of contact is your GP as he/she will have an understanding of mental health problems and can identify signs and symptoms. Your GP will be able to assess the situation, make referrals to specialist services and offer support and guidance. Be clear about what has been happening, your GP can make the best decisions about where to go from here if he/she is fully informed of the situation.

How Should I Approach Someone Who Is Unwell?

If you think that someone close to you is suffering from the types of problems that have been described in this website or this has been confirmed by a mental health professional there are some simple tips that can improve the situation for both you and your loved one.

If you are finding it difficult to cope with what has been happening to a loved one, there are a number of informative websites, public lectures and support groups that could help. Talk to your GP or a Mental Health Professional about your difficulties.


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