Is psychosis treatable?

Effective treatments are available for people who experience episodes of psychosis. As with all illnesses an individual's recovery and overall outcomes are improved greatly by getting specialist treatment as early as possible. Current treatments are so effective that almost every individual can recover from a first episode of psychosis and the earlier the disorder is treated the greater the chance of a more complete and successful recovery.

Treatments include antipsychotic medication, group and individual therapy, psychosocial interventions, rehabilitation and training, psychoeducation, and family and individual support but not necessarily in that order. Determining the best treatment will depend on factors such as personal preference, how severe the psychotic symptoms are, how long they have been present, and what the apparent cause is.

The people that deliver these treatments are usually mental health professionals such as doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and occupational therapists. People can usually be treated in the community by attending out-patient services or being seen in their home but in a small number of cases individuals will need to be in hospital for treatment.

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Is psychosis treatable?

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